Saturday 25 October 2008

Buddhists with Bottle, Green Religion

Ley found this article about a Buddhist Temple, made of a million beer bottles.

It put me in mind of this solar power project at the Vatican City - 2,700 solar panels on the Paul VI auditorium. Part of a bid to become the first carbon neutral state it the world - mostly through offsetting, though.

So, can we see similar examples from other religions? Well, yes we can. Here in the UK, Levenshulme, Manchester has an eco-mosque. And, there's a green guide for western Muslims, available for download.

The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Illinois, USA has won a platinum award from the US Green Building Council for their eco-synagogue.

California has a solar powered Hindu temple.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (hi, mum!) has built the world's largest solar powered kitchennear Mount Abu, in India. It has an impressive array of parabolic dish concentrators.

Perhaps the ultimate comittment, though, is the designation [PDF] of Lao-tzu as God of Ecological Protection, but a group of Taoist temples.

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