Thursday 5 November 2015

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

The government published a Draft Investigatory Powers Bill yesterday. Of course, they didn't really get the format right. For example, they published it in a PDF with chaotic layout. It didn't include a useful Table of Contents (you know, that you can click to navigate, for example).

However, they did publish it using the Open Government License, which allows you and me to modify and redistribute the document. So, I've added a useful table of contents, to make it easier to see the structure, and navigate the document.

So, here it is. Note that the document is in three parts: a preamble with some government guides to various parts, the draft Bill itself, and then official guidance notes on the draft Bill.

[Edited to add: note that you won't see the table of contents if you view this PDF in your web browser. You have to download it, and open it in a PDF viewer like Apple's Preview, or iBooks, or Kindle for Mac. I presume Adobe PDF viewer will also show the ToC, but I haven't tested that. Anyway, to facilitate that, I've also changed the link to a direct download link.]

Download the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill  (first draft and guidance) with a proper table of contents.