Saturday 27 January 2018

GDPR indexed.

Well, it's created a lot of uncertainty, for a regulation that spans just 50 pages (and 30 of preamble). But it's not very accessible, because it's hard to find an indexed version. Well, if you want one of those, here it is.

In May, the EU's General Data Protection Regulations comes into force. The EU bill is only 86 pages, and there's a PDF published at (oh, awesome, the secure version of that link isn't securely configured).

Also not awesome is the fact that the PDF doesn't have an index. So it's to find the bits you need to read. So, I've created one, like I did with the UK's IP Bill before. The process of creating the index has helped me understand the regulation much better, and I hope if helps others too.

View HERE! DOWNLOAD HERE! (Do let me know if that download link fails. I'm not sure I trust Google Docs here).

Of course, as we rush to prepare for GDPR, the Government hasn't actually published UK law on this. There's a Bill that's been through the Lords, and had a first reading in the Commons though. You can follow its progress at []. Again, published as a PDF without an index, so I've made one with an index. Don't forget, it's subject to amendment. I guess it's pretty likely there will be amendments, but I've no idea how important they'll be.

View the Bill here DOWNLOAD HERE!

Finally, there's the Information Commissioner's guidance on the matter. As it's they who'll actually be issuing fines, following their guidance seems like a good idea.

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