Wednesday 3 December 2008

Is parliament finished?

"...Parliament has entirely forfeited and lost its ability for independent decision making."

Dominic Grieve, Tory Shadow home secretary, Newsnight tonight.

Well that's it then. The end of democracy in the UK?

This is astonishing stuff. A Tory mole in the home office, posing as a whistleblower. The police failing to follow procedure, and Parliament unable to ask basic questions to protect its own privacy.

Sorry, we just make the law, don't expect us to understand it, too!

Ok, well nobody's actually said that yet, but...

The Speaker said he "had not been told the police did not have a search warrant". Did he not ask? What's the smiley for absolutely bloody astonished!? He also said "Every case must be referred for my personal decision, as it is my responsibility." So clearly he should resign.

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