Sunday 28 October 2007

Green Electricity

We switched to a green electricity supplier today. It's pretty hard to choose between them, because they all have such different approches. In the end, we went with Ecotricity because they were top of the listing at

The listing compares the suppliers by the amount of new renewable energy that they're building, adjusted for the number of customers they have. Some resellers don't do any building, so they don't do very well in this rating. Ecotricity, on the other hand, topped this league for the third year running - they were 10 times better than the number 2!


Anonymous said...

although it is worth noting elsewhere on the WhichGreen site it confesses:

"WhichGreen is an ecotricity initiative"

Anonymous said...

... having had a quick look the following site looks helpful for anyone else looking.

For avoidance of doubt I have no interest in any site or company, (except as a goodenergy customer.)

Chris K said...

I was about to say the same thing about the WhichGreen/Ecotricity website.

Obviously there are different ways of looking at how 'green' electricity is. Ecotricity emphasise building new renewable power, Good Energy emphasise providing existing green power to their customers.

Did you know that WhichGreen was an Ecotricity marketing website, and if you didn't does it matter to you?

I am genuinely interested in this - as I'm responsible for the Party's affinity deal with Good Energy (which you can read about here: )

Ian Eiloart said...

To be honest, I hadn't spotted that whichgreen is an ecotricity marketing site. They could make that more obvious, but they don't hide it. It doesn't particularly bother me, since I'm more concerned with the content and accuracy of the data than the source.

I'm more concerned about the future than the past, so I went with a company that's actively developing new low CO2 power sources (wind or nuclear) rather than a marketing company.

Good Energy don't claim to be building anything, but I still think they're doing a good thing.

I guess it was a marginal decision. I've seen the Lib-Dems' partnership referred to before, but when I looked, I couldn't find the details again.