Monday 13 August 2007

Cann Table is resilient

I have this web program, which shows football league tables in a way that lets you see the gaps between teams. It works automatically, capturing the data from the BBC's web site.

I noticed today that it works even when teams have negative points, which is nice!

For example, Leeds United are on -12 points at the time of writing:


Anonymous said...

Flip me, I never knew you was a gooner Ian !

Anonymous said...

I like the (Jenny) Cann Table a lot, and regularly post it on Arsenal.Mad. Someone there made a neat suggestion which I'd like you to try out with your web program.

This would show 'Points Dropped": 'Points won' is clearly the main game, and the Cann Table gives a great visual account, together with indication of the number of games in hand. However, points once lost can never be got, so to speak.