Sunday 6 May 2007

I'm in!

Well, the count is complete, and I'm elected!

The turnout was really good in this ward, so if you voted at all (and especially if you voted for me), thank you!

The count was an interesting experience. Watching the ballot papers being opened and counted, it was obvious that Ruth O'Keeffe and Ann de Vecchi would be elected. Early on, it looked like the Tories were a bit behind Doug Taylor and I, but it was really hard to tell with eleven candidates and three votes on each paper.

People were voting for all sorts of unlikely combinations - Tory, Labour and Lib-dem? Lib-dem and UKIP? Lib-dem and Seagulls? Well, I suppose that last was a single-issue protest. Anyway, that made it really hard to guess who'd get the third seat. At one point, I had a tally of 59-58 in favour of Doug, and was wishing I'd not voted for him. Sorry Doug, but you know how it is!

In the end, after a couple of hundred votes were counted, it became more comfortable, and I was able to start thinking about trying to analyse voting patterns. Again, hard because of the pepper-pot voting. Finally, count complete, we were able to think about celebrating with a bottle of Breaky-Bottom, and Sussex strawberries.

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