About me

I work at the University of Sussex, where I manage unix and linux servers, including the mail servers. My job title is "Senior, Postmaster", but really I'm a systems developer, integrator and administrator.

I'm a former Liberal Democrat councillor for the Lewes Priory ward of Lewes District Council, and of Lewes Town Council. You can see my district council committee memberships on the LDC web site. In my time, I chaired the District Council's Audit Committee for four years, and (before they were abolished) the Recycling Working Party, and the Travellers' Working Party.

I live in Lewes, at the top of the Nevill Estate, with my wife and two cats.

My name is pronounced "EYE-low-art", it was invented by a piano tuner who moved to north London from Danzig (now Gdansk) in about 1800. His name had been "Mispel". That's German for "medlar", but is a bit of a joke in English. Why "Eiloart"? We don't know, but it is nice to be able to trace family history.