Sunday, 8 April 2007

About my name.

I often get asked about my name. In fact, most people that meet me ask where it comes from, as well as either how it's pronounce or how it's spelled. So, here we are:

The name Eiloart was invented by a piano tuner who moved to England from Poland, with his family in about 1800. His name had been "Mispel". The family settled in North London, and we have a (probably) complete family tree.

The name is pronounced "EYE-low-art", with the emphasis on the EYE. It's a natural pronunciation for a German speaker.

There's one other Ian Eiloart in the world. He's not a close relative, and I've never met him.

I've two middle names: "Alexander Beaupré". The first was for my maternal grandfather, who died before my parents met. The second is a name passed down from my paternal grandfather, Arnold Beaupré Eiloart. It means "Beautiful Meadow" in French, and he was given the name because he was born in a tent. His mother had been sent to the countryside as a treatment for TB. My father, half-brothers and nephew all have the name Beaupré, too.

For the first time, election candidates don't have to have all their names on the ballot paper. I've chosen not too, for two reasons. First, "Ian Eiloart" is distinctive enough without the middle names. Secondly, the full name is a bit cumbersome.
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