Monday, 5 November 2007

Heating timer

Since we moved in here, we've laboured under the impression that it wouldn't be easy to replace our central heating timer. It's one of those old mechanical dial devices - a Danfoss Randall 102 to be precise. It turns out that Danfoss still make these things, and they also make two electronic timers can can be direct plugin replacements. You just unscrew the old one, and slot the new one in place. There's a 5+2 day timer (102e5) and a 7 day timer (102e7).

So, I've ordered a Danfoss Randall 102e7, which will allow us much better control over our heating. For example, there's one day a week that we're both out. We'll no longer have to remember to switch the heating off on that day. It'll save us time and gas, and C02 emissions for very little outlay.   

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